Privacy Policy

HC:FIT are committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. The following statement has been prepared to inform our customers of what information we collect and this is treated in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. If you have any queries about the privacy policy statement please contact us by email.


What information do we collect?

When you complete the online membership agreement the following information is collected:- 

  • Personal information such as name, email and postal addresses, date of birth, telephone number

  • Bank or payment card details however we do not store these details on our server

  • Your preferences and use on email updates that are recorded by emails we send you. This is applicable only if you have chosen to receive email updates on products and offers


How is the information used? 

The information you have provided will be used for the purposes of administering your membership as well as for administration purposes and providing you with services or information that you have requested. In order to carry this out your information may need to be shared with associated agents and organisations together with our service providers.



At HC:FIT we use cookies to enable you to properly interact with our server. The cookie is used to identify you when you visit our web site. Cookies do not give us further access to your computer.

You are able to restrict the use of cookies on your computer by following your internet browsers instructions but disabling cookies to HC:FIT’s website may restrict your access to certain services and/or facilities on our website.

Protecting your information

At HC:FIT we take seriously our requirements to protect your personal information. We use a secure server and ensure that the personal information you provide to us is kept secure and up to date. We only retain this information for as long as is necessary for the purpose it is used.

Disclosing your information to other parties

As stated above, we will only disclose your information with associated agents and organisations and our services providers. If we are required by law we may also need to disclose your information.

We do not pass your information to other organisations without your consent.


In providing us with your personal details, including the completion of the health questionnaire, you have consented to the collection and distribution of the information as set out within the privacy policy statement.


Access Rights

You have a right to ask for a copy personal information which we hold about you. Please write to us at the following address to obtain a copy of personal information HC:FIT holds about you: HC:FIT Upper Floor 1 Birchall Street, Liverpool, L2 8PD. We will charge a fee of £10 to cover the administration cost.


Updating Privacy Information

We reserve the right to update the Privacy Policy Statement. If amendments are made the updated Privacy Policy Statements will be published on our website with a notice of the change and you will have been deemed to have accepted the changes.

When your personal details change please keep us informed by amending your details on the MindBody website, or by notifying us at rectption or via email.